My favorite Types of Music to Listen to In Cyber Cafe’s


  • EDM: There probably isn’t any better music for the pure reason of getting stuff done. There is usually no words, just pure motivation and fast paced beats that get you juiced up to write just about anything.
  • Rap: Doing something that requires a bit more confidence? Rap will do that. Throw on some Rick Ross and everyone in the Cyber Cafe will seem like they should owe you money and you’re going to take over the block.
  • Soft Healing Music: If you’re not working and just browsing, some healing frequencies like Wholetones will be great for you. This should enhance your experience as well as give you some health benefits on the side.
  • Island Music: Want to be somewhere else? Yea, join the club. This is something we all share. Popping on some Marley or Kenny while surfing the net or writing a paper is one of the best ways to relax while doing it. If you’re crunched for time though, this isn’t for you.


The 5 Things Not to Do in a Cyber Cafe


  • Take your shoes off: There is just no possible way you can do this and not feel bad about it. No matter how comfortable you get, this is a no no and a fast way to get yourself and your tech thrown out.
  • Fall Asleep: Even if you’re working on the most boring thing possible, sleeping in the Cyber Cafe is a fast track out. Even more if you snore, unless you’re wearing a mouthpiece like Zyppah that is. Leave the sleep for the bedroom!
  • Talk Loudly on the Phone: Best way I know to make everyone hate you. Is there every an acceptable time to do this? Probably not. Just take the call outside and you won’t come back to find your work has been wiped clean and no one knows why.
  • Eat Loud Food: Want some chips? Leave it for the couch. No one wants to hear that mess while typing up an article.
  • Take up More Space Than Necessary: Yes, you may have a ton of work to look over, but there is really no excuse (unless you’re the only one in the Cyber Cafe). Be courteous and leave the space for the rest of the place.



The 4 Times Everyone Would Rather Be in a Cyber Cafe

Day Dream
1. Stuck in Class
With today’s technical world, it’s easy to understand that teachers don’t allow technology in the classroom. I admit towards the end of college it was increasingly difficult to pay attention in class. Still, anyone in these would rather be in a cyber cafe doing whatever they wanted.

2. During a Blackout
Is there anytime you feel less connected to the outside world? Even if you wanted to get online, you couldn’t. No matter if you had the furthest reaching router you could imagine, a blackout will be the worst. (And by the way that would be fantastic)

3. Sick in Bed
There are times when you could go to a cyber cafe if you wanted, but instead you are not wanted. Like if you have Ringworm, first thing to do is apply some Phytozine, then you just have to lay in bed. This is a lame few days, but worth it in the end when you can get back to your PC.

4. Sitting in Traffic
Yes, we all look at our phones in traffic. This is not only illegal but insanely dangerous. I think we all at one time have thought to pull over and check everything real fast. Instead why not pull into a cyber cafe and get some coffee and a cookie.